The goals of our breeding

The stud has bred connemaraponies in almost 20 years, and during this period the stud has bred for ponies of extraordinary quality whether it is for sport or in-hand shows.

The below mentioned goals has been our guideline the past years, and we will continue to breed for quality and will never stop striving to improve.

The stud are focusing on breeding:

- Connemaraponies with charisma, strength, type and elegance.

- Connemaraponies with 3 good gaits covering the ground, with a rhytmical movement and with balance and up-hill tendency. Furthermore, the ponies should have elasticity which will make them capable of succeeding in any discipline.

- Connemaraponies who are easy to ride, willing and with the right power to reach the top. Most importantly they should want to do the best for their rider.

- Connemaraponies who are healthy, hardy and with strong bones.

- Connemaraponies who are kind and friendly and can be ridden and handled by both children and grown ups.

- Connemaraponies who can do it all whether it is dressage, showjumping or cross country.